Two-Tier Responsive Navigation Tab Component

This Tailwind CSS code creates a responsive navigation tab component with two stylistic tiers based on screen size. On small screens, it shows a dropdown select menu to choose between tabs. On larger screens, it displays the tab links horizontally. The dropdown uses Tailwind's .sr-only, .block, .rounded-md, .border-gray-300, .focus:border-indigo-500, and .focus:ring-indigo-500 utilities to style an accessible select menu. The tab links use .flex, .space-x-4, .text-gray-500, .hover:text-gray-700, .rounded-md, .px-3, .py-2, .text-sm, and .font-medium to style plain tab links. The .bg-indigo-100 and .text-indigo-700 utilities highlight the active tab. The .hidden and .sm:block utilities create the responsive behavior, hiding and showing each tab component based on screen size.

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